Printing Electronically?

Find out how to get an item printed from your email or smart device
  • Printing Electronically?

    Canon printer with a green leaf.

    Printing from your smart device is easy.

    1. Locate the image or page you would like us to print.

    2. Log into your personal email.

    3. Press new message in your personal email.

    4. Write our email in the new message.


    5. In the subject please add "please print"

    6. In the message please add your full name so we know who the printing belongs to or the name of the person picking it up. Also included if you want it to be printed in black in white or in color. If you have any special request for example please print only page 1 and 3.

    7. You have a week to pick up the printed item. If you need longer time to pick please let us know by emailing or calling. If the item is not picked up it will be shredded.

    8. You can pay for the printing  either online, Donate, or pay when you pick up your print out at the circulation desk.

    9. When you come to pick up the prints out we will ask you to give us your name and a description of the print outs. For example: My name is John Adams and I have 5 print outs in black and white.

    10. The library prides itself in keeping a patrons confidentiality at all times with paperwork that is printed, faxed or emailed to us on behalf of a patron.

    11. When using our services you are agreeing to our liability waiver.

    12. All emails will be permanently deleted after print out is made. If you need to reprint you will need to resend email.


    I, the undersigned, do hereby acknowledge that I have granted permission for BTPL to print and/or fax the attached document(s) in my absence with full knowledge of the risks involved, and I hereby agree to assume those risks and to hold Bath Township Public Library (BTPL)  and all of their representatives free from liability for any loss I may suffer or any damage to such document(s) resulting from these remote services.

    *Reminder* printing cost .10 per black and white page or .50 per page in color. If you need special paper you will have to provided the paper.

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